F.Sadallah: Precious Stone Jewellery at Mall of Arabia

Launching her line in 2007, Faten Saadallah’s work in jewellery brings a new dimension to Cairo’s jewellery design. Combining her fascination with the historical significance of precious stones and her passion for jewellery crafting, Saadallah’s approach gives each of her pieces a unique edge.

Located in 6th of October’s Mall of Arabia, the F.Sadallah store is a modest glass fronted venue that’s easy to miss, yet the collection displayed by the window of stones, silver and gold will lure you in.

Being a believer of the metaphysical properties of precious stone, Sadallah has created a fitting vibe and atmosphere. Decorated with soothing chocolate-brown walls and gold hue cabinets, the shop pulls the stone-energy aesthetic with the type of elegance a jewellery shop demands.

 While most of the collection is kept in the shop’s cabinets – available to view on demand – a few beautiful pieces of silver and gold plated bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and rosaries enriched with unique stones are on display.

Asking the friendly staff member to parade the collection of rings available, the boundless variety of distinctive pieces was remarkable, almost verging on overwhelming.

The ring collection included gold and silver rings, birth stones and calligraphy motifs, as well some simpler designs, all ranging between 300LE and 900LE.

The necklaces on display are designed using various colourful stones while others are designed using the same gem, crafted with a gold pendent at the end, ranging in price from between 400LE and 2000LE depending on the amount and type of stones used.

What caught our attention the most while browsing through the collection of bracelets was a set much different in style from the others, designed with a black leather strap, a gold square shaped piece placed in the centre and embedded with phrased calligraphies, costing between 500LE and 550LE each.

Away from jewellery, F.Sadallah stocks rare and often difficult to find Himalayan Salt Lamps (650LE). Made of natural crystal salt mined in Himalayan Mountains, the salt lamps beamed orange-reddish and bluish-green glows seeming unnaturally luring.

One of the greatest advantages found at F.Sadallah is that there is something for everyone regardless of the budget; Faten’s designs can be customised for you to pamper yourself or to find a special present for someone. 


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