About Faten Saadallah

Launched in July 2007, "Faten Saadallah Healing jewelry " is a craft jewelry house created by Faten Saadallah.

Faten Saadallah is an Egyptian jewelry designer. She began her career at the end of 2007 and gradually built a dedicated clientele. Since 2010, she runs a craft workshop that has created iconic pieces forged by Faten's passion for history, spirituality and fashion.

Faten Saadallah is the driving force behind these exciting new designs that perfectly capture the mood of the moment by bringing a new dimension of freedom and self-expression to the world of jewelry.

The collections, which you can discover on this site and in our shop, are the culmination of Faten's permanent obsession with timeless romanticism and the spiritual magic of jewelry, united in designs that exude a sense of irreverent joy.

Almost all collections are designed in silver or gold, using a set of precious and semi-precious stones.

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